Wireless Network Solutions – Design and implementation

We understand that all companies have unique needs and requirements. Our team at 3gi Solutions can create specific solutions through innovative design to ensure that your company’s needs are being met in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Modern wireless networks offer a flexible method which can securely extend your network where it is impractical or costly to run wired connections.

3gi Solutions professionals can also allow your network to provide enhanced support to portable devices like smartphones and tablet via BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) solution. It not only ensures that all the hand held devices get connectivity with your wireless network, but also enables security of the network not to be used nor abused by un-authorized personnel.

Our wireless internet solutions can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor use under most environments which includes offices, warehouses, accommodation areas and conference centers. Solutions can include user-based access control together with centralized user administration across multiple sites, catering both for centralized administration and users who roam between multiple sites.

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