Microsoft Exchange Server Support and Consulting

A good database design is critical to the success of the system to which it belongs. Whether the database is part of a commercial web application, an internal data management platform or any other system, its performance and reliability are keys to providing a high quality user experience. Database design and development is a core strength at 3gi Solutions. Our team has strong experience in planning, designing and developing databases based on careful study of the production scenario and specification documents

Immediate Remote Support – 24×7

Our Exchange Server Support Team provides emergency support and assistance. Our Exchange Server experts can log on remotely to diagnose and fix just about any problem you may be experiencing, 24×7. Today’s advanced remote desktop tools, which are included with Microsoft Windows Server OS, allow us to rapidly support Microsoft Exchange just as if we were at your place of business. If you are experiencing a major hardware failure that requires a physical presence, our Exchange Server Support Consultants and Network Support Engineers can also provide an on-site presence immediately

Exchange Server Health Check

Our “Exchange Server Health Check” engagement collects data and statistics on the most important and critical aspects of the messaging environment: Operations, Performance, Infrastructure, Security and Routing. The goal of this health check is to proactively diagnose and analyze the data collected and potentially avoid any problems from surfacing in the future.