ERP/CRM Integration Services

Your business is all about customer interactions, vendor interactions, and your employee operations to supply value to your customers from those vendor supplies. It makes sense to treat your ERP and CRM systems as your core nerve centres, then integrate them with the many peripheral data services you have.

Solutions through CRM and ERP Software Integration

The goal here is twofold: eliminate double entry of data, and put the related data into your system in a way that doesn’t need additional “massaging.” If you’re using Sage accounting software, integration with that can be seamless. At 3Gi Solutions, we design and implement ERP/CRM solutions with things like:

CRM Software Integration Helps Ensure Correct Data

Data cleaning. CRM integration usually risks adding duplicate data into your system. While this can never be 100% prevented, we have experience and tools to both reduce the duplication on importing, and to cleanse the database of duplicates, merging the data as neatly and correctly as possible.