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With data being the new world currency, and the cost of maintaining and protecting that data is running higher than the cost to capture it in the first place – data risk management is assuming a new importance among corporate executives.

Every business should have data loss prevention and disaster recovery plan secured in case of an emergency, which to a business can be anything from theft to a wrong keystroke. The main causes for data loss range from hardware or system malfunction, human error, software corruption or program malfunction, computer viruses, to natural disasters. Unfortunately, without an extremely reliable solution, everyone is at risk? Basic preventive measures and recovery plans that may be applied to any sized organization include the following:

How fast can you get back into business? What’s your plan?

3GI Solutions can assist you in creating a proactive disaster recovery plan by determining your needs in the event of hardware or other such failures, and prevent it from becoming a business failure. We can ensure that your business meets those requirements, and that almost anything that could happen to your network will be recoverable with minimal impact to your business activities. From on and offsite backup to hardware failover and managed services, our team has the experience and technical expertise to ensure your business can continue, should the unthinkable happen to YOUR data.

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